Healthcare IT Services
SOFSCRIPT does more than just delivering world class healthcare information products and helping our Healthcare Information Customers with implementation, hand holding, maintaining while empowering Customer’s IT Department to easily manage the system....
System Integration

SOFSCRIPT provides a complete umbrella of system integration solutions partnering with third party reputed and high tech Companies to facilitate all needs of our Healthcare IT Customers.

Enjoy the benefits of automation and leverage technology in your Healthcare set up with SOFSCRIPT’s system integration for

PACS and Imaging Systems : Integrate modalities and make available images and image tools to Radiologists, Cardiologists and distribute on network in Case Histories.

Smart hand helds for Doctors, Administrators : Leverage technology to ease delivery of excellent patient care.

RFID in Patient Management and Asset Management : Take your Hospital to another level by considering interesting options with RFID for Patients and Assets.

Access Control Systems : Select and install the level of security and access controls using swipe cards or smart cards or bio metric or tags.

Telemedicine : Deliver Consulting and Healthcare virtually with telemedicine, operate mobile vans and reach out to places.

Public Relations : Catapult your Hospital’s presence and branding with alerts, emails, display panels, loyalty cards, patient information kiosks and more.
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